Non-Surgical Face Mask (Bundle Pack) 10 PCs

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Breathable Protective Face Mask  

(This order includes 1 box of 10 masks)

According to the standard GB2626-2006, the material in these face masks are designed for filtration efficiency of at least 95% of particulate matter >0.3 microns.


Product features:

  • Anti Odor
  • Anti Dust
  • Anti Fog
  • Anti PM2.5

Important Notes:

  1. It is strictly prohibited to use when the package is damaged.
  2. The product is disposable and should be destroyed after use.
  3. The unpacked mask is valid for three years.
  4. Please store the pack in a well ventilated room with relative humidity not exceeding 80% and free from corrosive substance.

Verification to: Standard:

GB 2626-2006


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