This is the time to put on a mask.

But not to hide.

To protect.

So we created groundbreaking designs to make people adapt to this with individual originality while ensuring maximum protection.

Presenting maskyou, the best quality mask design studio in town to let you – be you.

Got a question?

No problem

it you can’t find your answers in our FAQ, we’re available on our helpline number.

maskyou FAQ:

1)      Product quality:

–       Is it washable? How many times we can wash it?

–     A:  Every maskyou product is washable. We recommend using it till 50 wash.

–     Made in which country?

A: Maskyou products are manufactured by a highly efficient and trustable manufacturer resided in China.

–          What are the filters to protect from germs? 

A: Every maskyou product has 4 layers. These layers consist of two 100% cotton with 120 GSM and one dialysis cotton with 80 GSM and the last layer has a pocket to insert a PM 2.5 activated and replaceable carbon or melt-blown filters to prevent 99.88% of germs.

–          How long will the mask print or color stay? Would it go away when we wash it?

A: Maskyou designs are printed using high-quality non-toxic ink to ensure breathing safety and keep the masks good as new till 50 wash.

2)      Product Specification:

–          Do you have kids section?

A: Yes, we do have a special section for kids.

–          Do you have male/female segment?

A: Maskyou products are mostly unisex.

–          What if the mask size bigger than my face?

A: Maskyou products come along with super comfy and adjustable straps to make it a perfect fit for every face.

3)      Delivery Method:

–          What is the delivery charge inside Dhaka?

A: Delivery charge inside Dhaka is 60 TK.

–          What is the delivery charge outside Dhaka?

A: Delivery charge inside Dhaka is 150 TK.

–          What is the order process?

A: Add your desired products in the cart from maskyou website. Then click on the cart icon and hit proceed to checkout. Fill up necessary information like name, phone number, email and delivery address and press on the Place Order button. A confirmation mail will be sent in your email account.

–          Do you maintain proper hygiene while delivering?

A: maskyou products are sterilized with highly efficient and technologically advanced sterilizing machine at source. Besides, we maintain strict hygiene policy while delivering.

4)      Product Packaging

–          Do you take proper safety measures while packaging?

A: maskyou products are sterilized with highly efficient and technologically advanced sterilizing machine at source.

5)      Contact Info:

–          Where do I contact if there’s any error in the product?

–           A: Feel free to call anytime on our helpline number.

6)      Distribution:

7)      Return Policy:

–          Is there any return/refund policy?

A: Our products are sterilized at source and can’t be returned if the product is unpacked unless it’s defective. Let us know within 1 hour if you find any defective products.

8)      Payment Method:

–          How to make the payment? (bkash/card/COD)

–          Cash on delivery method is not available for outside Dhaka delivery and full payment needs to be paid online.

A: Currently two methods are available.

  1. Online payment using Visa/Mastercard/Bkash (for both inside Dhaka and outside Dhaka delivery)
  2. Cash on delivery  (Only for inside Dhaka delivery)